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                                                                                                                                                                                                   Eva Štěchová

The first book about koi carps in czech language

KOI - title page Author: ing. Luděk Štěch
dimension: 344 pages
size: 16,5 x 23 cm
medium: coated paper
number of pictures: approx. 400
publisher:Alcedor s.r.o., Zliv price: 399,- Kč (vč. DPH)
date of publication: April 2007
seller: Alcedor Zliv

Book samples:
cover PDF, 2MB
page 10 PDF, 4.6 MB    page 42 PDF, 1 MB
page 97 PDF, 0.4 MB    page 137 PDF, 0.5 MB
more samples at www-bonsai-dnes.cz

  koi book page 10   koi book page 42
  koi book page 97   koi book page 137

New posters of fresh water fish and Koi carps

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Fresh water fish posters
published by ALCEDOR s.r.o. Zliv
fish posters
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PDF, 541 kB, dimension 98x68 cm
     KOI stickers
koi carp stickers
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PDF, 104 kB, dimension 50x35 cm

KOI posters 1, 2 3
Koi carp posters
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PDF, 525 kB, dimension 98x68 cm
Koi poster
koi carp poster
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PDF, 182 kB, dimension 84x60 cm

Fish feed

  • KOI 0833 Colour - new feed for koi carp, designed especially for intensive colors. It is produced by special prescriptions prepared and tested in Alcedor..

Finishing the grounds of Alcedor firm, 2004

Lack of space in grounds of the firm led us to the decision to build a new facility by the existing rearing station. Continuation >>>.

Koi Carp harvest in November 2004

Breeders´year 2004 in Alcedor firm culminates with November harvests.

KOI Carp propagation, end of May 2004

Looking at the following several photographs , you can discover a little of the secret of birth of new generation of our KOI Carp.

KOI Carp harvest, end of September 2003

Autumn cannot be thought apart from pond harvests. It is the same with us and thus we bring you a photographic report on autumn harvest of KOI yearlings. Several winter images are also presented.

KOI Carp grading in July 2003

The photographic report from July 2003 brings you several pictures from the next phase of a fish breeder´s year: grading of youth-of-the-year. This activity requires patience and a lot of knowledge and skillness on breeding, as now the selection of good quality specimens makes the basis of our assortment of KOI Carp for sale in the next season.

Control catches of KOI Carp in June - July 2003

Our further photographic report about our youngest generation of KOI Carp brings you pictures showing how they live in a nursery pond, as well as about catches in June and July 2003.

KOI Carp reproduction in 2003.

Výtěry kaprů KOI 2003 As every spring, the period of KOI carp reproduction and fry nursing - the most challenging but also the most lovely period for every fish breeder - started in Alcedor firm this year as well. We will try to show you the individual phases of birth of a new generation of our KOI carp on several pictures ...

We selected fish right in Japan.

Selection of koi fish in Japan We travelled to Japan again at the beginning of March 2003 to visit more than 30 breeders and to select personally the fish for our own breeding, as well as for the Czech market.
Our journey could not lead elsewhere than to the very original and most famous area of KOI carp breeding, to Niigata in Japan. We made a large photographic report from our journey...

A feed for giant carp angling.

A new offer for anglers. The feed was tested in abroad and used for giant carp angling.

We offer::

  • Import of Japanese KOI carp.
  • Breeding of fish, namely of ornamental species.
  • Counselling in ornamental fish culture.
  • Design of garden ponds for ornamental fish culture and their construction.
  • Sale of filters and accessories to garden ponds.
  • Mediation and sale of fish to abroad.
  • Sale of fish feeds.

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