Purchase of KOI carp.

How to purchase them.

We believe that KOI carp should be purchased from a breeder. The best is to buy them in spring, when the temperature is about 15°C. Fish are already active and we can easily recognize healthy individuals. We can also learn correct name of the fish from the breeder and we can be sure about fish origin. Informations and recommendations for fish care are usually also given.


A price is derived from size, colour quality and origin. The cheapest fish (crowns - CZK to tens of CZK per 7-20 cm fish) is carp of MIX-STANDARD class, prices per fish in B class tend to be up to one hundred CZK. They are usually available for beginners and they may have just a little worse colours. Price of a KOI carp in A class (15 – 20 cm) may be few hundred CZK. This group involves usual commercial fish which may already resemble carp from the SHOW CLASS. The SHOW CLASS group involves top-quality fish selected in a ratio of 5 – 10 fish of 100 000 specimens assessed. Of course, the price refers to this fact and it may grow up to 300 000 CZK per 60 cm fish.

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